• Mabul Beach Resort
    was built with attention to detail
    and a minimal impact on the local environment


Come and enjoy your stay!

We offer accommodation both on Mabul island at our beautiful Mabul Beach Resort and at our more budget SJ Dive Lodge in Semporna town. If you are not sure which location is right for you then please read on to find out more about each place.

Mabul Beach Resort

Our resort is ideal for divers & snorkelers looking to combine their time underwater with some relaxing time on the beach. If you are planning to dive Sipadan with us then you will need to book one of our Sipadan & Mabul Beach resort packages which will include at least 3 nights accommodation on Mabul island.

SJ Dive Lodge

Our lodge in Semporna town is conveniently located oppposite our dive centre and is a great base for budget travellers to explore Mabul, Kapalai and the Tun Sakaran Marine Park or for an overnight stay on your way to/from Mabul Beach Resort. There is no beach in Semporna town but the islands are only 1 hour away by speedboat and have some stunning reefs & beaches to explore! If you would like to visit Sibuan, Mantabuan or Mataking islands then you will need to stay the night before and after these trips in Semporna, there are no boats from Mabul to these islands.

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