Sipadan Barrier Reef

The Sipadan Barrier Reef is the largest Barrier Reef in S.E ASIA and also has the Worlds highest marine biodiversity!

Diversity is the beauty of this amazing reef: It offers wall dives with vertical drops to over 500M, Cleaning stations that attract Manta Rays, Devil Rays and all kinds of sharks! 1000's of schooling fish and hidden away in the coral shallows are some of the world's best macro life such as Pygmy Seahorses, Flamboyant Cuttle Fish, Mandarin Fish and other marine life that is still to be identified. This is truly one of the last unexplored frontiers on Planet Earth...

The Sipadan Barrier Reef is an estimated area of 580 square kilometers stretching more than 95KM. The area is composed of 15 individual reefs, 11 Islands and over 200 recorded dive sites! Within the Sipadan Barrier Reef there is an estimated 300+ species of Corals and 966 recorded species of Coral Reef Fish. This reef system is also home to 4 (Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtle, Olive Ridley Turtle and the Leatherback Turtle) of the worlds 7 species of Marine Turtles! You will, in fact, see turtles on almost every dive in this area! Rays, especially Manta Rays, Devil Rays and Eagle Rays are commonly encountered, especially in the outer reef cleaning stations! 13 species of marine mammals have also been recorded and its not uncommon to see Dolphins and Whales from the boat! (making the surface interval also as exciting as the actual dive!)

Below are a list of the Islands/ Outer Reefs that we visit within the Sipadan Barrier Reef as part of our Sipadan Barrier Reef package or as single day trips from Mabul Island


This Island offers divers a bit of everything: Very rare macro life, such as Rhinopia, Ambon scorpion fish, blue ring octopus and sea-horses are common, plus in the blue rays such as devil rays and eagle rays are often sighted! Exotic nudibranchs make a regular appearance throughout the dives as do frogfish, leaf scorpion fish & seamoths. This island is a 45 min day trip from Mabul and leaves all divers with a big smile on their face.


The sloping reefs around Ligitan are home not only to a fantastic variety of macro life but also home to Manta Rays, Devil Rays and Eagle Rays visiting the island to enjoy the many hidden cleaning stations. Other exciting visitors to have been spotted here include the majestic Marlin, giant Cobias, Hawksbill turtles, Green Turtles, great Barracudas & giant Groupers. The beaches on Ligitan island are frequently visited by both green and Hawksbill Turtles at night to lay eggs. Currents and cleaning stations below 18m make this island more suitable for Advanced divers.


This gently sloping submerged reef is covered in both hard & soft corals which attract a variety of marine life including turtles, rays, frogfish, nudibranchs and many different species of pipefish - a fantastic combination of easy diving & great marine life just 20 mins from Mabul.


Here there are soft & hard corals found in abundance creating a great environment for young reef fish, juvenile batfish, clown trigger fish, midnight snapper & barramundi cod are common. Lots of nudibranchs at this site which is also famous for rays due to its strong currents!


One of Sabah best kept dive secrets. This Island offers deep vertical wall diving where rays and turtles are common and sharks are occasionally seen. Its coral life is stunning! As we are one of the only dive companies who dives this island the coral is pristine-and will leave every diver breathless! (These islands are also accessible as a day trip from Semporna).


Diving around Roach Reef offers divers a great mix of both marcro and pelagic species. The outer reefs offers pristine coral together with large schools of Barracuda and Jack Fish. White Tip Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks are often seen and on occasion divers have even had the chance to dive Tiger Sharks. There is 2 interesting Artificial Reefs here as well: One is called the bus stop in which there are around 10 buses at a depth of 22-16m. The other is a small boat. Both artificial reefs have been in the water for more than a decade and are thus teaming with soft and hard coral plus numerous marine fish and critters.


This reef is literally a stone throw from Sipadan Island and divers will really feel like they are diving in Sipadan's back garden-This reef appears to be in the middle of the open ocean and starts at a depth of 5 meters. Pristine corals slopes down vertically to a plateaux in which Sharks are often waiting for lucky divers. Turtles and Rays are also very common, so too are a great diversity of marine fish. (make sure you always keep one eye in the 'Blue' as you never know what might swim by!) When back in the shallow reefs keep your eyes out for unusual and never seen before critters. This is a perfect pristine location for underwater photographers and explorers alike.

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