Dive On Survivor Island

Mataking Island is a honeymooners paradise located right on the Malaysian/Phillipine border. Mataking is a picture-perfect deserted island--so much so that the creators of the television show Survivor decided to film the first season here! With white-sand beaches that stretch the full length of the island, palm tress that house coconut crabs, and dive sites that will suite both macro and pelagic lovers alike, Mataking has it all!

Mataking lies in the Alice channel, which is a 100m deep channel that connects Mataking to the world famous Sipadan Island. Thus on the North side of Mataking divers are treated to vertical wall dives with some very strong ('washing machine') currents! Here the water is usually crystal clear and due to the strong currents many large pelagics are attracted including grey reef sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, and eagle rays! If you're very lucky you may also see the awe-inspiring whale shark (the best time is between April-June). Keep your eyes in the blue and you never know what you'll see!!

On the south side of the island are dive sites such as the House Reef, The Shipwreck, and Sweetlips Avenue. These dive sites are a haven for macro life! Frog Fish, Octopus, Lion Fish, Stone Fish and Ribbon eels are seen on most dives! The ship wreck also attacks giant moray eels and stingrays!

Dive Sites

North Point

Located behind Mataking Kecil (small) this is a vertical wall dive with very strong currents. At 37m there is a 'cleaning Station' that attracts many large pelagics including BIG Grey Reef Sharks, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and if lucky even Hammerheads have been seen here!! As you get into shallow water then huge Green Turtles (the largest in the area!!) are commonly seen together with coral cat sharks and beautiful Ribbon eels

Coral Garden

A nice dive to do in the afternoon! This is a vertical wall dive with moderate current! Here within the first 18m offers some very beautiful pristine coral-its breathtaking! Don't just keep your eyes on the coral as Manta Rays commonly Swim past divers here in the blue!

The House Reef

This dive site can be dived from the shore! The wall slopes down to around 50m after which there is a large sandy plateau. In the shallows Octopus, lionfish and Stone Fish are almost always seen! Around the jetty large schools of Jack fish can be seen. There is also a giant Grouper that lives here and also a 3m long giant Moray too!

The ShipWreck

Here the resort at Mataking has sunk a fishing boat which attracts a lot of fish including Jack Fish, Moray eels and frog and lion fish! You can also post your mail here at Malaysia's first ever underwater post box!!

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